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Jim, Graham and John attempt to revive the ancient art of podcasting.

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Obsidian's Chris Avellone, Dreamfall's Ragnar Tornquist, Introversion's Chris Delay, Vlambeer's Rami Ismail, and Redshirt's Mitu Khandaker chat about all of the things. All of the things.

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The writers of Rock, Paper, Shotgun gather at Rezzed and talk about the games on show and a great deal more.

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Delayed by a few weeks due to, I dunno, terrorists, Adam, Jim and Alec return to their low-quality mics to discuss best SEO practices, Legend of Grimrock, Dishonored, the demise of STALKER 2, XCOM vs Xenonauts, Diablo III and, surprise surfrickingprise, how John was a bad healer in City of Heroes. Plus ce change.

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In tribute to recent gaming news, this week's Rock, Paper, Shotcast has a terrible ending. But an excellent beginning. After an initial burst of singing, accompanied by the chirping of birds outside Alec's house, and the chirping of Adam's ghostly smoke detector, we ponder the possibility of pay-per-level gaming. In the brief moments when Jim is allowed to talk, he mutters about Legend Of Grimlock, and Dungeon Master. And Adam is scared of walls.

Jim reveals that Gunpoint is tough and unforgiving, and frantically clicks his mouse throughout, Adam celebrates Darksiders 2, and Alec chats about Rayman: Oranges. Adam then reveals that he's crap at games, after acknowledging he rarely finishes them. The rest of us reconsider our hiring protocols. And if you listen carefully at 22:22, you can hear that one of us is apparently working in a shop.

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Assembling for the second ever Shotcast are these reprobates:

Alec Meer (mumbly)

Adam Smith (Northern)

Jim Rossignol (bored)

Kieron Gillen (not Northern)

Discussed: tea, Mass Effect 3's bugs, Half-Life, the problem with bosses, Perpetuum Online, Darksiders 2, games journalists singing Metallica, tower defence, Notch's space game and Assassin's Creed III.

Audio quality: Still poor. We're working on it. We need to get hold of some expensive microphones, soundcards, headphones and replacement larynxes, basically.

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The Electronic Wireless Show is dead. Long live the Shotcast.

Brand new! In theory weekly! More confused than ever because we thought conducting it via Skype was a good idea!

Discussed - videogames, mostly. This week, Jim, John and Alec are your talking-all-over-each-other hosts.

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In this latest episode of The RPS Electronic Wireless Show, we reflect over the events of the week since we last recorded. What games have we been playing for that week? How brilliant is Tim Stone? Why is Jim so racist against cat people?

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John and guest Dan chat about everything they've seen at E3 so far. in a very noisy restaurant.

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John takes to the stage at World of Love to talk to Zombie Cow, Oddbob and Charlie's Games about independent development and genitals. They make a game. They say rude words. They say awfully nice things about RPS. It's a good time.


But the sound quality's pretty lousy because it was recorded by Alec waving a little dictaphone around. You've been warned.

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