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Quinns and Kieron talk about the matters of the day, including Solium Infernum, Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, how they'd do a sex in games sequence, drinking, Batman, books for gamers and the usual load of old nonsense. Hurrah!
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NO YOUR EYES DO NOT DECEIVE YOU. The Rock Paper Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show returns, and in triumphant fashion. (If you understand "triumphant" to mean, "two men with coughs chatting for 45 minutes".) Led by the guiding hands of your tweeted remarks it's the only discussion of PC gaming you'll ever need! (Only as part of a PC gaming discussion controlled diet.)
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While wandering the long, barren corridors of Valve HQ I stumbled upon Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw, the two men who a few years ago made up the members of Old Man Murray. Bundling both of them into a big sack I carried them into a room packed with buzzing PCs and forced them to join in on a podcast to discuss the release of Left 4 Dead 2.
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The planets aligned. The Mayan prophecies were proven true. All four Ultimate Controllers of Rock, Paper, Shotgun gathered together in one echoey lounge to create an electronic wireless show for the ages. Led by your tweeted contributions we discuss the highest matters of the day in a manner suited by fine gentlemen.
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Jim and John gather once more to discuss PC games. With their voices.
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Alec, Quinns and Kieron gather together to talk all things PC Gaming and/or feel bad. Topics include Gridrunner Revolution, Borderlands, Superhero Games, what achievements are for, Space Hulk and a load more. ACTIVATE EARS!
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Okay, okay, you can stop the email campaign, the angry letters in the post, the furious sky writing - there's a new podcast. Join Jim and John as they attempt to upset every listener from the young to the grumpy, while almost discussing videogames on a few occasions. Of course your Twitter questions fuel our rampant discussion, and indeed our dreadful manners.
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It's time again! Quinns and Kieron talk about stuff and things. Stuff and things include Batman, AI War, Champions, Space Hulk and stuff and things. It's recursive like that.
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Imagine a world where there was a new Rock, Paper, Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show to listen to. Imagine harder! You made it happen! Jim and John teleported into the RPS under-sea bunker to record an episode of game-based chitter. With your tweets much frivolity occurs, in what is unquestionably the most edited podcast of all time. Plagued by knocks at the door, madmen strimming outside the window, helicopter attacks and an earthquake, a lot of fun is to be found seeing if you can spot the concealed gaps.
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A million hellos, and fifty welcomes to a new podcast. Jim and John (or "Jihn" as the tabloid press now call them) gathered their arms and legs together and produced a brand new audible recording. And yes, this time it is indeed audible! There's no rational explanation found in science or myth for why the last one sounded like bad dogs, but it's back to its usual just-about-good-enough standards. In fact, this week the audio quality is so high you can detect every microscopic creak from John's creaky chair. This is good. No, it's good.

In a Twitter Questions Special, the lusciously industrious pair take your queries upon themselves and proffer responses to invigorate and delight.
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