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Kieron grills Leigh Alexander over her time at GDC2009. Leigh grills Kieron over his time at the zoo. Also, some Path-chat malarkies. Go Electronic Wireless!
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Jim and John gather to mouthspeak about PC gaming and beards for the entertainment of the masses. Wonder at how they say thoughts aloud, gasp at the interruptions from local wildlife, be astonished at our lusting after news readers with lisps, and then be brought back down to Earth by the intricate discussion of the important gaming matters of the day.
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An RPS Special. Kieron Gillen talks to Leigh Alexander on her living room floor on the subject of her history in games, sex and sexuality and how much booze they've drank. Hurrah!
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Jim and John grab gaming by the throat, then get a hold of themselves, apologise, and chat about it nicely. The Path, Eve, and the winner of the RPS Jingle contest all appear.
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In which Kieron and Alec discuss a lot of real-time strategy games, worry about what happens to old videogames journalists and display a frightening lack of knowledge about Napoleonic history.
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