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Welcome to our first ever sixteenth Electronic Wireless Programme. It's Jim and John this week, once more gathered in John's gloomy room to record their completely not gloomy podcast. Under our terrifying wordgaze comes Mafia II, Stalker: Clear Sky, Zeno Clash piracy tactics, and the comments of Heather Chaplin.
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Kieron and Jim use the iffy magic of Skype to have a lightning-fast podcast discussing Zeno Clash, DemiGod's release problems, D&D4th Edition, Alpha Protocol's chances of success and what they're having for dinner.
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John and Jim gather, open their mouths, tip forward, and then words start spilling out all over the place. It's discussions of games like BioShock 2 and The Secret World, as well as important information about the religious festivities of Horace the Endless Bear.
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