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Jim and John gather once more to discuss PC games. With their voices.
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Alec, Quinns and Kieron gather together to talk all things PC Gaming and/or feel bad. Topics include Gridrunner Revolution, Borderlands, Superhero Games, what achievements are for, Space Hulk and a load more. ACTIVATE EARS!
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Okay, okay, you can stop the email campaign, the angry letters in the post, the furious sky writing - there's a new podcast. Join Jim and John as they attempt to upset every listener from the young to the grumpy, while almost discussing videogames on a few occasions. Of course your Twitter questions fuel our rampant discussion, and indeed our dreadful manners.
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It's time again! Quinns and Kieron talk about stuff and things. Stuff and things include Batman, AI War, Champions, Space Hulk and stuff and things. It's recursive like that.
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