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Well, Rage-y. id's Tim Willits faces a panel of RPS readers (the same ones who fired teeny quiz missiles at Splash Damage's Ed Stern last week) to talk Rage.


And only Rage. Honestly, when I set this up I presumed those guys would want to ask a bunch of stuff about Doom and Quake and Wolfenstein and Commander Keen. But nooooooooooooooo, they only wanted to know about the shiny new thing. FINE. You know what? FINE.


Here you are. Here's your podcast. Due to me being essentially incompetent it starts about 30 seconds into proceedings - really sorry about that. Wireless Show business as usual (i.e. introductions and muttery British games journalists) will return whenever the next episode is. 

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Special guest show! Many special guests! Primarily, Splash Damage's Senior Game Designer Ed Stern, who's behind most of the words and a whole lot of other things in Brink. 


Secondarily but no less importantly, a cartel of RPS readers who attended the recent Eurogamer Expo, at which this chat was held. They had questions. They asked them. Ed answered. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Many Bothans died.


RPS' Alec Meer, Quintin Smith and Karen Gillan or someone were also in attendance, chiming in with matters relevant or just plain rude.


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