The Rock, Paper, Shotcast
Rock, Paper, Shotgun finally speaks out loud. Hosted by

Assembling for the second ever Shotcast are these reprobates:

Alec Meer (mumbly)

Adam Smith (Northern)

Jim Rossignol (bored)

Kieron Gillen (not Northern)

Discussed: tea, Mass Effect 3's bugs, Half-Life, the problem with bosses, Perpetuum Online, Darksiders 2, games journalists singing Metallica, tower defence, Notch's space game and Assassin's Creed III.

Audio quality: Still poor. We're working on it. We need to get hold of some expensive microphones, soundcards, headphones and replacement larynxes, basically.

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The Electronic Wireless Show is dead. Long live the Shotcast.

Brand new! In theory weekly! More confused than ever because we thought conducting it via Skype was a good idea!

Discussed - videogames, mostly. This week, Jim, John and Alec are your talking-all-over-each-other hosts.

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